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Helping you give hustle culture the middle finger so that you can reclaim your passion and purpose as a human first, dietitian second.

Supervision for Fed Up Dietitians

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Your schooling may have put you on a path of perfectionism, imposter thoughts, burnout, and moral injury - but you’re in the driver’s seat now. You get to decide where you go next.

It is possible to reignite the spark within you, not only as a dietitian, but also as a whole ass human.

Learn how to do dietetics differently.

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Reconnect with your values. Set boundaries. Build intrinsic confidence.March to the beat of your own freakin Dietitian drum – and find a community of dietitians who actually celebrate each other for it!

I'm here to accompany you through your toughest dietitian moments, celebrate your joys and accomplishments, and be a steady voice through any uncertainty you face, big or small. Why? Because it's the support I wish I'd gotten from our field a decade ago when I was starting out.

The human behind Empowering Dietitians

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Ready to ditch hustle culture? Let's do it.

From group practice workshops to conference keynotes, Jess is available to speak in a variety of group settings both in-person and virtually.


An intimate, relational and reflective supervision experience with Jess herself, designed for both personal and professional development.

individual supervision

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Take a deeper dive into some of the most pressing issues impacting our field, ranging from live, interactive events to evergreen recordings for you to complete at your own pace. CEUs available.

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“I cannot imagine going through this career transition without the help of Jess. She truly helped me find the excitement in being a dietitian again!”


Thank you for helping me find myself again!


Working with Jessica has been life changing!

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Get started with a free 10-day journal to address dietitian burnout & imposter feelings! 

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