Registered Dietitian. Dietitian mentor. Virgo sun / Gemini moon. Manifesting Generator. Possible Enneagram 1. Recovering Type A hustle-a-holic.

Hi, I’m Jess!

About Me

I help burnt out and unhappy dietitians say FU to hustle culture so they can reclaim their passion and purpose…as a human FIRST, and dietitian second.

Yep, that’s right - I started doing this work because I struggled with all of the above too - and then some. I spent the first quarter of a century of my life in a burnout cycle. I was always known as the busy one.

Ambitious. Driven. Hard-working. High-achieving. Those traits became my whole identity, and they were not only celebrated by the people in my life – they were directly credited for my success through my undergraduate and internship experiences.

Yet those same traits that I was admired for, that others were at times envious of…were actually ruining my life.

But before I started doing that, I was a burnt out, unhappy dietitian, myself.

They’re internalized beliefs that our larger society instilled in us from a young age.

Because these “personality traits” aren’t personality traits at all.

The reason so many dietitians struggle with Type A perfectionism, burnout, imposter feelings, and over-identification with work is not some weird coincidence –

It was through working with other dietitians, sharing what I had done and helping them on their own paths of self-discovery, that my biggest realization of all happened:

Who you are, is so much more than that, but as long as we continue to play into the system of Hustle Culture, we will never be able to actualize our true selves.

We will always be stuck behind the facade that society encouraged us to create to navigate a world that values productivity, rugged individualism, and power hoarding above all else.

It took a long time for me to realize that beneath this Type A, perfectionist mask I had been wearing was a whole ass human – a slow processor who loves to follow the cycles of the moon, and wake up late, and read novels that have nothing to do with nutrition, or health, or self-improvement.

It’s time to reclaim your humanity.

And it’s definitely time for us to do dietetics differently.

Dietitian – you’re a whole ass human behind your mask, too.

What makes me a whole ass human

Writing poetry
A good book
Chocolate cake
Being in nature

Comfy pants
My dog, Toby
Playing the piano
A hot bath

end hustle culture end hustle culture end hustle culture end hustle culture end hustle culture end

Let's shake up dietetics together...