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Channeling Dietitian RAGE

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From Resentment to Integrity  |  1 Ethics CEU Approved |  April 25th 7pm ET

Desperately wanting a more sustainable, aligned way to advocate for yourself, the field, and your patients…without burning out.

Feeling that anger turning into bitterness and resentment for your work

Getting angrier and angrier the more you learn about systemic issues in the field

This masterclass was built for you.

Shout Out to All the Dietitians who are...

…Oh, Plus 1 Ethics CEU Approved!

You will walk away from the Channeling Dietitian Rage Masterclass with...


to go out into the world and stand up for what you believe in - sustainably


from the bitterness & resentment building up inside you, keeping you stuck


into the purpose of anger, its different forms, and how we can harness it rather than be consumed by it

Replay provided to all registrants if you can’t attend live.

Suggested: $36
Equity: $18
Pay-It-Forward: $54

Pay What You Can

April 25th 2023  |  7-8 pm ET

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"That was awesome, so informative and so well done!

"Thank you. for the ethics CEU and I look forward to future content in this format, Small bites (and lower cost) work well for me as a busy mom."

"If you feel the need to be part of a space where you can talk through the problems you're facing, gain support and learn techniques to break free of the 'shoulds' put upon you from society, then I highly recommend joining Jess!"

Hear what past masterclass participants have to say:

About Jess

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Jess Serdikoff is a NJ-based registered dietitian who runs the one-of-a-kind Empowering Dietitians Supervision Program for fellow dietitians feeling overwhelmed by burnout, imposter feelings, and paralyzing perfectionism. 

As a Type A perfectionist herself, Jess has used her own experience paired with her knowledge of counseling and behavior change to help her colleagues more clearly define their professional identities and values, set better boundaries, and build confidence in their work.

Your Anger is valid. Learn how to honor it without it consuming you.

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