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F*ck Hustle Culture

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Ready to finally feel confident, valued, fulfilled, and HAPPY as a dietitian

Worried that your passion for dietetics is getting lost in all of your stress and resentment

Feeling like a cog in a machine, doubting your ability to make the impact you want with your work

if you are...

This masterclass is for you

You will walk away from the
F*ck Hustle Culture Masterclass with...


on how your top challenges as a dietitian are connected to hustle culture


into a completely different way of approaching your work & your life, hustle-free


to live life in alignment with your true values (not someone else's!)

Recording available upon purchase. This is not a live event.

1 CEU by CDR (satisfies ethics requirement)

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- Sam C.

"10/10 would recommend!"

- Jessy G.

"I wish I found Jess a long time ago!"

- Marissa S.

"Working with Jess has been life-changing!"

About Jess

your guide

Jess Serdikoff is a NJ-based registered dietitian who runs the one-of-a-kind Empowering Dietitians Supervision Program for fellow dietitians feeling overwhelmed by burnout, imposter feelings, and paralyzing perfectionism. 

As a Type A perfectionist herself, Jess has used her own experience paired with her knowledge of counseling and behavior change to help her colleagues more clearly define their professional identities and values, set better boundaries, and build confidence in their work.

It's possible to be a compassionate dietitian and still have a life outside of your work.

let's do this

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…And Say GOOD-BYE To Hustle Culture!