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Should RDs be able to use their credentials however they want

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Questioning your decision to be a dietitian

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Are you a “fixer” dietitian?

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The intersection of imposter feelings & burnout

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Introverts & Empaths: how to thrive in dietetics

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 - Hannah Saffold, RD

“I had given up on dietitian podcasts until I found you Jess. Building a tribe of fulfilled, empowered dietitians. I feel so happy to have found this podcast. A breath of fresh air. Thank you for the work you do in this podcast and all the things.”

“Jessica’s episodes are so honest, authentic, and relatable for the depth of what dietetics really is. It’s so refreshing and reassuring to hear the issues explained in a tangible way and that truly is empowering to reduce isolation and grow personally and professionally. Every dietetics student and professional or anyone who has regular contact with a dietitian should listen!”

- Melissa Landry

“Jess has a way of getting you excited about being a dietitian. Her choice of topics and careful discussion with guests will make you feel inspired. She offers real takeaways that dietitians at all career levels will find useful. Look forward to more from this podcast!!!”

“Jessica’s podcast is so refreshing, insightful and just plain entertaining. Not just for dietitians. Practical and useful information. Jessica is a talented interviewer and storyteller.”

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